On a recent Today Show segment of Bobbie’s Buzz, Kiara Sky’s fantastic, easy-to-use dip powders were featured as one of 3 “Ingenious Innovations in Beauty” that you have got to give a try!

Dip Powder is gaining viral internet attention due to its flawless look and long-lasting wear that reminds wearers of their favorite salon gel manicures. With practically no dry time and no smudging, dip powders have a lot in common with gel manicures, but do not require UV or LED lamp curing which makes dip a perfect option for your next at-home manicure.

Host Bobbie Thomas was eager to show Kiara Sky’s viral clip of Dip Powder manicure application stating that “Dip Powders are a new alternative without using UV lights.”

“The results are vibrant and said to be more gentle on your nails than a traditional gel manicure or acrylic nails,” wrote Thomas on a blog for Today Show’s Beauty page.

Here at Kiara Sky we love our Dip Powder manicures and feel that they are the perfect option for those who want a long-lasting, natural alternative to traditional acrylic. Dips have practically no odor, require no monomer and have all the style and durability of a gorgeous gel manicure without the need for UV or LED lamp curing! Not to mention, Kiara Sky Dip Powders can be applied directly to your natural nail or to artificial tips and have added calcium and vitamins so that your nails are well taken care of regardless of how often you love wearing dip!

It is for these reasons that the world has taken notice of Kiara Sky’s incredible Dip Powders and easy-to-use Dip Powder Systems. We’re all about breaking rules, not nails. We are here to fuel your individual freedom of expression with ultra high-quality, made in the USA nail products that’ll elevate your look and skyrocket your confidence!

Let’s get dipping!

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