Whether you are a pro nail technician, a nail polish DIY user or a freelance nail tech—the Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Rechargeable LED lamp should be an essential tool for your gel nail polish curing.

Kiara Sky is a trusted brand associated with exceptional quality and performance in nail enhancement products. Our company was built around a customer-centric experience for every customer who uses our products. And it is through our trademark service and manufacturing that we have earned the respect and worldwide following and it is all because of customers like you, who believe in our product.


In this blog article, we will cover our star product: the Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Rechargeable LED Lamp. This essential gel polish curing tool has been making waves in the market. We want to bring you up to speed so that not only can you become proud owners of our LED nail lamp, but share with others the joy of using the Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Rechargeable LED Lamp. 


♥ What makes an LED lamp so important for curing gel nail polish?

Motion sensor activationAn LED lamp is a revolutionary advancement in the Nail Polish industry. Used primarily with LED-compatible gel-based nail polish application, the LED lamp cures the gel to accelerate the drying process. This results in quick turnaround of customers, allowing nail technicians to take on more appointments. For home users, an LED lamp provides flexibility of repeated use without having to visit a nail salon.

LED lamps are an evolutionary advancement over traditional UV lights that may still be in use by some nail technicians and salons. While most major producers of nail polish have adjusted their formula to allow LED curing, there are some gel nail polish brands that may still require an older-style UV lamp. However, skilled nail technicians with experience can cure these nail polish gels under an LED lamp. 

♥ What does our LED lamp do?

LED lamps use visible light to cure gel-based nail polish, which is a fancy term for the process of inducing the hardening or toughening of a chemical compound from liquid into a solid. Using Kiara Sky’s Beyond Pro Rechargeable LED Lamp after applying gel-based nail polish produces a beautiful finish that customers or home users will love and enjoy. Furthermore, our LED lamp has been manufactured with the highest standards of safety and uses the latest LED light technology in the market.

By placing Kiara Sky’s Beyond Pro Rechargeable LED Lamp on a desk or table, an individual with a fresh application of gel-based nail polish can expect anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes (with more complex artistic applications) for the gel to cure. Do know that LED lamps still emit some UV light, but with a narrower wavelength. Hence the reason why some skilled nail technicians can still cure older gels. Needless to say, Kiara Sky’s Beyond Pro LED lamps are an essential need for any nail salon, freelance nail tech or or DIY nail artist.

 What makes Kiara Sky Beyond Pro LED lamp different?

Cordless & rechargeable led-lampAs an essential nail polish curing tool, LED nail lamps are not usually designed to be portable and operate with conventional power outlets. This is particularly useful when traveling, visiting friends and if you are a professional, this is why our lamp was designed with portability in mind. You can take Kiara Sky’s Beyond Pro Rechargeable LED Lamp with you and work on nails anywhere you want—whether it is from home or a nail salon. Most importantly, LED nail lamps can last a long time under most home or nail salon conditions with minimal care and maintenance.

LED lamps—specifically Kiara Sky’s Beyond Pro Rechargeable LED Lamp—offer a longer bulb life than traditional UV lamps, which require more frequent replacement. These lamps also cure LED-compatible gel-based nail polish faster than traditional UV lights, making them a preferred standard in the gel nail polish industry. LED lamps also have a lower power usage than the older UV lamps and can save money in the long run.

A common concern about LED nail lamps regards how safe it is to use them. The FDA has deemed LED light used in the nail curing process to be generally safe, considering the limited exposure per hand during each session. Using a sunscreen on your hands can help customers and users feel at ease in protecting their hands from exposure to the UV light emitted by an LED nail-curing lamp.

♥ What value does it produce?

Since gel-based nail polishes offer longer-lasting life per application—up to 4 weeks in some cases—the Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Rechargeable LED Lamp is an essential tool for ensuring that the work performed will live up to a customer’s expectations. Considering the longer life, durability and flexibility of use—Kiara Sky’s Beyond Pro Rechargeable LED Lamp offers exceptional value for the money. Investing in the right tools of your trade starts with selecting the best product in the market—and the Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Rechargeable LED Lamp offers everthing you need in a UV/LED nail lamp.Kiara Sky


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