Common Gel Polish Application Mistakes To Avoid

One of the most popular manicure options for those who want durable, long-lasting, and beautiful nails is gel polish. You don’t even have to go to the salon nowadays to get a proper gel manicure, as there are many professional DIY gel products on the market. There are, however, many common mistakes that you should look out for when learning to use gel products. Learn about the common gel polish application mistakes to avoid by reading below.


One of the most obvious problems you’ll notice is that the polished surface of the nail will come out uneven. This generally happens if you apply too much of the base gel. If you lay too much onto your nail, it will glob up in certain parts of the nail, and it will be impossible to fully smooth out. As you add more layers, the uneven globs will only become more noticeable.

Also, if you do not apply the gel in a flat, even coat, it will not adhere to the natural nail properly. This will cause your finished product to start lifting, ruining your whole manicure. To prevent air bubbles, avoid mixing the gel with your brush. The bubbles will remain in the gel as you apply it to your nail, making it look uneven. Gather only a small amount of gel on your brush so you can apply it to your nails in very thin layers, which will create a more even surface.


It’s important to remember that gel nail polish has a very specific formula and consistency. Because of this, choosing not to shake the polish before use is another mistake in the application process. This only applies to the color coat and not the base or top coats. When you don’t shake your color gel polish, it may sit in the bottle unevenly. This makes it harder to gather the polish on your brush and spread it on the nail surface evenly.

When you shake the gel polish, it settles and thickens. In failing to shake the polish, you could end up with an uneven layer, or you may find that the product has separated in the bottle and has become so thin that you cannot apply it properly. As long you shake the polish well each time you give yourself a manicure, it should sit on your nail properly.


One of the most common gel polish application mistakes to avoid is applying it to your nail in long strokes. When you use long strokes, you don’t get the proper control you need to create even layers. Long strokes will create areas in which the gel globs up more than others, leaving thick streaks on the surface. This will also make it harder for the polish to adhere to the nail properly, causing your manicure to last shorter.

The last thing you want is for your beautiful nail manicure that you spent so much time on to pop off long before it’s supposed to wear out. When working with gel polish, make sure to use only short strokes. It might seem like you’re making the process a bit more tedious, but you’ll notice how much easier it is to create even layers with the gel.

This will also make it easier to avoid getting the gel on your cuticles. Getting gel polish on your cuticles is bad because it will cause the rest of the layer to start lifting, eventually causing it to peel off completely. Make sure to apply the polish very carefully, so it stops just before the cuticle.


The gel application process can be very involved, which makes it easy to forget the very important final step of capping the edge of the nail. As you apply the base coat, color gel, and top coat, you also need to remember to apply gel at the end of the nail. You will need to coat the edge of each nail with each layer of gel. Failing to paint the edge leaves the manicure unsealed.

Similar to what happens when you get gel polish on your cuticle, if you fail to cap the end of the nail, your manicure will start to lift. If your manicure lifts from the top of the nail, it will be more likely to peel, chip, or even come off completely. Applying the gel over the edge of the nail gives also helps it adhere more securely to the nail. It may sound a bit strange that a manicure needs this, but the proper amount of reinforcement is what makes these manicures last so long. Make sure to cap the edges after you apply each coat of gel.


Getting gel on the skin around your nails and letting it cure is another mistake you want to avoid when using gel nail polish. This can get a bit tricky because you’re going to want to cover the entire nail with the gel polish. As you near the edges of the nail, it becomes very easy to get the gel on your skin. If you don’t get the polish off your skin before you cure your nails, it will cure on your skin. This will make your nails look uneven and could also cause the manicure to lift.

Once the polish has cured on your skin, it’s incredibly hard to remove. You will have to use acetone to properly remove the polish, which will also remove the polish from your nails. Basically, you’ll either end up with a sloppy manicure, or you’ll have to start all over. Avoid this by wiping any excess gel from your skin before curing. Practicing the short strokes mentioned above will also make it easier to avoid this mistake.

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Common Gel Polish Application Mistakes To Avoid

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