What Your Nail Color Says About You

Nail colors can complement many aspects of your look, from your hair to your personal style of fashion. Another fun detail your favorite nail colors can reveal is the type of person you are. This might include facets such as how you see yourself, your preferences, how others perceive you, and what you want to accomplish in life. To learn what your nail color says about you, continue reading below.


Nothing says fire, passion, and confidence like red nails. If you enjoy wearing this color, you likely have a confident nature that can make you easily heated, but also gives you the advantage of being daring.


This color has its obvious associations with femininity. However, when you wear it as a nail color, it also signifies that you’re a person with a lighthearted and positive mindset. The femininity of pink nails also reflects the nurturing side within you.


Orange is warm, bright, and reflects happiness. This is why those who prefer orange nails may find that they are generally optimistic. You tend to look on the bright side when thinking about life and your future. This makes you confident that, when you take risks, you’ll eventually succeed in your endeavors.


Similar to orange, yellow nails call back to the brightness of one’s personality. Within individuals who like their nails yellow is a warmth likely felt by those around them. They may also enjoy being spontaneous and likely fair well in social circles because of their extroverted nature.


Wearing green nails gives you a unique look. Green is often associated with earthiness, adventure, and power. Those who enjoy green nails are unlikely to avoid risky choices. While this might seem like it has some disadvantages, it also leads to new discoveries and sets a person up for certain levels of success in life.


In regard to what your nail color says about you, blue nails reflect a unique variety of traits in a person. The color can suit a person who enjoys adventure and is looking for the next adrenaline-filled excursion. But blue nails are also suggestive of a person who will be trustworthy and loyal. Whether you prefer your nails in a deep or a light blue hue, your friends and loved ones know they can count on you.


One more nail color to examine is purple. Purple is a nail color for the artists of the world. A person’s artistic nature fuels their individuality and preference to stand out from the crowd. Purple is unique in color but still gives you a beautiful look that will complement your personality.

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