Kiara Sky Professional Nails

Kiara Sky Nail Form - 500pcs


6 pieces in stock

Meet our innovative Kiara Sky Nail Forms, a game-changing solution to nail sculpting. Our ingenious Double XL nail forms boast a new and exclusive 2-in-1 dual-sizing feature, allowing you to customize the form for both short and XXL nails without excess bulk. Thanks to user-friendly perforations, you can also adjust the forms to fit each client's hyponychium without any extra cutting! Made from heavy-duty, flexible material, and reinforced with extra-strong adhesion, Kiara Sky Nail Forms ensures your forms stay in place, while the guiding grid makes achieving perfect results a breeze! All packed in a stylish, easy-to-dispense box with 500 pieces, Kiara Sky Nail Forms are the ultimate fusion of functionality, innovation, and design.


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