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Kiara Sky 50 ct. Sanding Band Fine - White


12 pieces in stock

Slide these disposable barrel-shaped sanding bands over your Kiara Sky Crystal Mandrel drill bit and keep creating masterful manis on each new client with ease. Kiara Sky’s fine grit Sanding Bands are perfect for removing shine from the natural nail and prepping the natural nail bed for dip powder, acrylic, gel or Gelly Tips application. These bands can also be used to shape the natural nails.

"Kiara Sky's Beyond Pro Drill Bits are designed to improve speed and quality in your nail work. Easily remove product, change the shape of your client's nails, or do a fill in no time. The versatility of this collection, along with the quality of the drill bits, will improve your speed and technique with minimal effort."

Color: WHITE

Also available in:

  • Sanding Band Medium
  • Sanding Band Coarse

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