Caring for your brushes is the key to making them last!

How to care for your 100% Kolinsky Acrylic Brushes

  • Step #1
    Before using your new brush: To prep the brush we recommend you spray the bristles with a bit of alcohol to remove the residue that it comes with. Then soak your brush in monomer a few times, wipe it on a paper towel, and your brush is ready to use!
  • Step #2
    During your service: Be sure to keep your brush clean and not let the acrylic powder harden on the bristles. This can be difficult to remove if it dries so just keep it clean by wiping it on a paper towel as you work.
  • Step #3
    After every use: Make sure you clean your brush after every use by soaking it in monomer and wiping off leftover product on a paper towel. Finish it off by reshaping the bristles and storing it in an upwards position or on its side making sure that the bristles aren't touching any surface.
  • Step #4
    Deep cleaning and storing: If product has hardened onto your brush you can do a deep clean by soaking it in acetone for about 5 minutes to allow the product to soften. Gently scrape off the remaining acrylic powder until it is completely removed. Finish off the deep cleaning by conditioning your brush in monomer for a few minutes. Keep in mind that acetone can dehydrate the bristles so you want to rehydrate with the monomer.