Winter Nail Colors You Must Try Out

As the temperatures are getting colder and the days are growing shorter, it’s time to start thinking about some trendy looks for winter. There are many great options appearing this year ranging from festive to the elegantly subtle. If your looking to do your own nails this winter season, then this list is perfect for you. For some of the top winter nail colors you must try out, read below.


This winter you can spice up your nails with some glitter. The great thing about glitter nails is you can pair them with many different colors. Glitter itself can come in some varieties of colors. A beautiful gold, silver, red, or green can look wonderful during the winter season. A couple of the top trending colors to pair these with are a pink or white. This winter design adds a touch of luxury to your look.


You can make some great winter nail choices even with simple, neutral-colored nails. If you’ve used neutral colors previously, you could stay with the same one. Just consider adding one nail on both hands to add a winter-themed feature. This could be anything—for example, a snowflake, pine tree, or an icicle design. While this is simple, it creates an elegant feeling that goes nicely with the holiday season.


One of the most prominent colors of winter is green. Not only is green a prefect color to represent Christmas, it brings to mind the tall green pine trees we associate with the holidays and winter so much. You don’t have to stay with only one shade. One of the most popular is dark green. Try this long and ballerina shaped. You can do a matte finish or add some glitter. Consider a combination with your two middle nails glittered. Professional gel polish colors are a great way to get this look, especially if you need to use extensions.


You probably knew a holiday red would make this list of winter nail colors you must try out. Red helps emphasize the feeling of Christmas. Try conveying this with a deep-toned red. The fun thing about a deep red is you can make it unique, fun, and elegant by adding some white to create a look of snow and ice. Even consider imagery such as a snow man or the face of a reindeer. Remember, you can get very creative with your winter nails through the use of simple concepts.


While purple is another cool color that blends well with winter. There’s a unique style of nail that makes special use of purple trending high for this year. Create an icy purple by spreading a dark to light gradient of purple. The bottom of the nail near the cuticles should begin dark and turn nearly white by at the nail tip. With a gloss finish, your nails will have an icy look that also carries a natural beauty. Get even more sophisticated by adding a bit of gold or silver glitter.


This is a look for your nails you can actually wear year around, especially if you want a dressed-up appearance. The color of white, however, paired with this golden glitter, reads wonderfully as a winter style. Alternate with one nail white and gold. It’s a simple look, but it always looks elegant and is perfect for a variety of occasions.


Similar to the last combination mentioned previously, this one is created by alternating two colors. In this case you’ll want a nude color and a glittery silver. These two colors complement each other in way that gives off a glamorous look. Another great thing about this choice is you can use it over the course of the entire winter. You can paint every nail nude, and then sprinkle some silver glitter over every other nail. The other option is to paint one nail completely silver and frost the other to create an expensive appearance.


These nails offer the option to not have to put too much effort in but still getting a beautiful look for winter. This will simply require some white nail polish and snowflake stickers. You can also create the snowflake from a stamp. Once you’ve applied these, you can add a light sprinkle of glitter on top, then finish them with a topcoat. This creates a natural look with a touch of winter flair.


If you want an up-kept, sophisticated look, then this look is perfect for you. You can create this look from black and white marble design, stylishly complemented with gold to create the appearance of gold leaf. These nails will give you a stylish look unique from many others seen this winter.


As we mentioned above, red is great for the season, but this special gradient of red is especially perfect for the whole of winter. You can paint each nail a different shade of red, starting with the darkest, deepest shade and ending with the lightest (generally white.) This style is meant to have a subtle seasonal feeling without being overtly committed to the holiday theme.


A dark grey suggestive of a winter’s night is a fantastic new trend for this year. This look can be created by simply painting each nail dark grey and then adding some details to dress it up. Add a light touch of silver glitter and then use a stamp or stickers for a snowflake design. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for some festive nail art for the whole winter.

Winter Nail Colors You Must Try Out

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