What To Know About Gel Nail Extensions

There are several popular options for faux nail extensions. One of the common questions is, which one is the best? The answer to this can vary depending on what you are looking for in a manicure. One of the newer options that has grown in popularity and carries many benefits are gel nail extensions. There are several aspects of gel extensions you should be aware of if you are interested in them. Learn what to know about gel nail extensions by reading below.


There are several benefits that gel extensions have over regular acrylics. For one thing, gel nail extensions are made to be more durable and longer-lasting. The durability is unique in that gel extensions are strong and will last as long as acrylic nails, but are softer and more flexible, which allows for more bend and give in the nail. This is helpful when you are trying to do daily tasks, as risks of them popping off or lifting from the nailbed are eliminated. Another significant benefit of gel nails over acrylics is that they don’t require the use of harsh chemicals. The chemicals and adhesives in acrylics are very damaging to your natural nails over time. The removal process of gel extensions also doesn’t involve drilling and filing in addition to soaking. Gel nails can simply be removed by soaking them in acetone.


When wondering what to know about gel nail extensions, the amount of time they can last is an incredibly important detail to note. Gel nails typically last anywhere from two to four weeks. However, it should be noted that many specialists do not recommend wearing them much longer than two weeks, as it is not good for your natural nails.

Even toward the end of this two to four-week period, the manicure could still look perfectly good. This has to do with the way the UV light cures the gel polish. UV light is used in the curing process when the gel is first applied, and as you continue to wear the polish in natural light, it technically keeps curing. This means that the longer you wear the gel extensions, the harder they become to remove. It’s best to have the nails removed at a salon by a professional, though, if you use the proper materials, you can remove them yourself after two weeks.


Gel nails are typically a bit more expensive than the normal price of acrylic nails. However, this doesn’t mean that gel nails aren’t worth their price. Remember, they are better for your natural nails, the manicure and removal processes are less invasive, and they are more practical for daily tasks because of their combined flexibility and durability. Another alternative to the expense of a salon manicure is to invest in a professional gel nail kit. This allows you to do your own gel nails multiple times for a one-time expense.

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