The Top Fall Nail Color Trends of 2020

With the summer winding down, fall is just right around the corner. With the change of season always comes changes of trending colors and styles. This not only applies to clothing fashions but also to nail colors. Certain nail trends of the summer are going to shift for the fall. While you might be considering common fall colors to be black, red, navy, or orange, there are other trending colors and tints that you might not yet be aware of. These can include nails of not just different colors but also varying finishes that will create a unique style for each type of nail. Many of the top trending nails of this coming fall are compatible with dip powder, acrylic, and gel nail manicures. Find some exciting new options here with our list of the top fall nail color trends of 2020.


There are many options of reds that are ranking high on the charts for this coming fall. Some of the classic tints of red are definitely still appealing, but there are new shades this season that have risen in popularity. These reds have a gentle tone to the eye. Some recommendations include claret and cranberry. Red nails like in these softer and subtle tones match well with any shade of the lips, as well as accent the look of your hands. These look very pleasing with both long and short nails. The cranberry color goes great with the changing colors of the trees and many fall clothing fashion. Pairing these nails with a warm sweater or shawl in a brown, red, or orange is a great option.


Not all trending nails are typical autumn colors. One very unique color that has also reached a higher popularity this year is dark teal. The color is commonly seen in the aesthetic of ancient Egyptian and Aztec art. Its beautiful dark greenery gives it a refreshing quality that can give you a wonderful start to your new look this season. Some popular hues we see in summer nails are turquoise and lighter teals which are more complementary to the tones of the season. If you have had your nails in either of those colors over the summer, then this dark teal can be a subtle transition, as it is one of the coolest color manicures for this fall. Consider pairing your new teal nail design with clothing in soft neutral colors such as tan, sand, and black. A couple of popular manicure methods that will give you this color in the best quality are the dip powder system and gel nails. Consider getting these the next time you are headed to the salon, or you can purchase a professional gel nail kit to make them yourself at home.


One of the top fall nail color trends of 2020 that is making a comeback is a mid-tone brown that looks like a milk chocolate. A big part of the appeal of this style of nail is that it carries a retro look from back in the 1970s. After all, this is when the nail color started. Some retro styles are being brought back, but they just don’t work or go over well. This time, however, the revival has been greatly appreciated. This mid-tone brown not only creates a sweet chocolate look, but it also gives off an aesthetic of luxury. This is a unique quality in a colored nail; many other shades do not have the same effect, no matter how fancy one tries to make them. While the brown gives that effect, it remains very simple. With the season bringing in cooler weather, this nail with its milk chocolate hue will look well-paired with any cozy wool garments. Add a pair of brown leather boots, and you will have a stylish finishing piece for the season.


While a color like gray may come off as bland or boring, it can actually be extremely complementary to the right shade. One of the newest trending colors of nails this fall season is a frosty, lightened grey. This particular type has a matte finish that better enhances this grey hue, creating an almost silver effect. These nails are great because they not only work well with the feel of fall, but they can also be worn beautifully at any events like business meetings or other business-related outings. Another thing that has become very popular in the fall are weddings. These nails will look perfect for an autumnal wedding. The best look of nail for this color is generally long. You can do this with naturally long nails or extensions. Having them long and squared crisply at the tips will give a distinctly feminine touch.


All types of glitter nails might not always be in, but there is a type that makes this list. Sprinkle some glitter on long nails combined with a nude hue. You can add in a solid gold hue on other fingers to give them a sophisticated look. There are other shades that you can try this glitter look with, but this pairing is one of the ones that seems to be trending, and it’s easy to see why. This combination will make you look stunning at any special gatherings like cocktail parties, festivals, and especially Halloween night. One of the fun aspects of this look is that it creates a throwback to the jazz age of the 1920s. Why not bring it back for the new century? You can wear a sequined or metallic bag as well as any blazers of the same look.


One of the coolest looks you can get to fit with the feel of autumn this year is ombre-styled nails. These are created with a solid color that fades into another one as the polish reaches the nail tip. A fade made by a beautiful soft gradient gives this a whimsical look while remaining classy. There are many options of color fades offered in ombre nails. Some versions have fused deep orange with an orange-brown tone or moss with an emerald green. We recommend starting with black and fusing it with a mauve. This will create a fittingly seasonal look that stands out far above many others.

The Top Fall Nail Color Trends of 2020

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