New Year, New Nails: Color Trends To Try

This New Year’s Eve might feel a bit different than in previous years. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t find fun ways to celebrate. One way is by adding to your festive look with some New Year’s themed nails. And lucky for you, there are plenty of beautiful unique options trending for this coming holiday season. For the top New Year’s nail color trends to try, read below.


Get into the spirit of the first night of the new year with nails featuring sparkling stones and stars. Start with a manicured nude nail, then add sparkling tones and a silver star. While these can be hard to paint on, use nail stickers that can be glued on.


What better way to celebrate New Year’s than with fireworks? If this is a part of New Year’s that you enjoy, consider making it a part of nail design. Use a purple, holographic polish, and then add some little stars. You can use gold, red, or silver polishes to create the stars which give a contrast to the purple. This creates a celebratory look that will help light up your night.

Pearl Designs

Using white pearl studs or silver studs you can create eye-catching pearl designs on your nails. They look best when you use metallic or shimmery nail polishes for the base. Try designs on all your nails or get intricate with one accent nail.


Since you’ll be celebrating the changing of a new year, why not apply this as a unique theme for your nails? Ring in the changing of the years with nails that can change in color. The chrome-styled polish allows for the fun color-changing effect. The chrome polish can appear gold, pink, and even green.

Metallic Color Nails

Metallic nail polish is a simple way to get that classic shimmer you want this New Year’s. There are a variety of colors and amounts of shine, so you can find the perfect one for your holiday fashion.


You can easily get creative by taking a common, traditional look and adding something new to it. Use the French manicure, which is a nude painted nail with white tips, but use pastel tips instead of the white. Choose one color, or alternate with different shades. If you want to add a bit of extra detail, use that white to paint in some shining stars.

Gold Metallic Tips

Gold is very popular this season, so there are fun ways to use it, such as gold tips. Use metallic gold nail polish to get maximum shine. Get the right accessories and they will really stand out.


Want to use another fun new year’s tradition to inspire a nail design? Try some confetti-designed nails to kick up the partying mood. You can start with a nude base color with a tinge of gold shine. Add some dots of varying sizes. Create the look of confetti by using a few colors including white, gold, gray, and silver. This style has also been described as resembling champagne bubbles in a glass. Either of these evokes a feeling that screams New Year’s Eve.

Sparkly Lines and Waves

Another way to bring some shine to your nude nails is with lines or waves of sparkle. Use sparkle nail polish in various colors to match your outfit.


This New Year’s nail style has a look that calls back to the feeling of a party in the 1920s with all its shine and gold. What’s also fun about this design is that it’s a combination of a couple different looks. Start off with some coats of holographic glitter nail polish. This will create a luxurious-looking base that you can finish by painting some gold in reminiscent of gold leaf in a palace.

Glitter Fade

Glitter fades are a fun way to do your nails for the New Year. They are versatile because they can be done in an any combination of colors and with different types of glitter. Apply glitter more heavily on the tip of your nail and use less as you go down the nail to fade it.


Of our top New Year’s nail color trends to try, confetti popper themed nails are a perfect completion for your celebratory look. This nail design replicates the look if you rubbed actual glitter from a popper on your nails. Paint some white glitter polish on your nails. Find some confetti-looking nail stickers and add a few to the surfaces. Don’t forget to pop some real confetti to enhance your nail design at midnight.

Gold Designs

Gold accents on nude nails are a subtle way to add shimmer to your New Year’s style. Make designs with gold nail polish, a nail polish pen, or use gold foil pieces.


The classic color we associate with New Year’s Eve continues to be black and gold. This means some lavish nails in the same colors would be a great look to celebrate the evening. Use a matte finish black as a base with some gold trim at the bottom of your nails. They’ll appear extra beautiful and enhanced with some nail extensions if your nails aren’t already long enough.


You can never go wrong with a solid gold polish for New Year’s themed nails. Make sure your gold polish has a good shine to it. Ensure a true New Year’s look by adding a sparkling star to each nail. This will create a striking look for your night of celebrating.


Jelly nails generally have transparency and come in a variety of colors. To make these work on New Year’s, you’ll want them clear without color. Add some sparkling stones to express the glitz of the holiday.


Create a design that’ll make your nails look like they’re made of marble. This can be done by using touches of one color or by using multiple colors. A top recommended color for this coming New Year’s Eve is a light blue. Add some shine and sparkles by gluing on some shiny stone or studs.

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New Year, New Nails: Color Trends To Try

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