We are so excited to be introducing our innovative new acrylic dip powder formula with versatility and consistency in mind! Kiara Sky Nails’ NEW All-in-One Collection features over 100 multi-functional powders that can be used as dip powder, acrylic, 3D designs, sugar effects, and more, all in one jar! This highly pigmented and smooth formula is easy to work with and provides a strong, smooth, and long-lasting nail enhancement for you to achieve your next best set!

The new Kiara Sky All-in-One line has over 100 2oz multi-functional jars in a wide range of diverse shades to suit every skin tone and style! With a revamped consistency that’s extremely pigmented and simple to use, you’re sure to achieve a flawless manicure regardless of your go-to application.

These uniquely formulated powders are designed to work perfectly with the existing Kiara Sky Dip Powder essentials and KS EMA monomer for both dip powder and acrylic application.

Our new Kiara Sky EMA Monomer is perfectly formulated for the All-in-One line in order to achieve a gorgeous acrylic application with flawless, self-leveling consistency that is easy to use to achieve perfect sets, every time. Made with the most nail tech recommended ingredient ethyl methacrylate (EMA), this monomer nail liquid is perfectly safe for your nail health and 100% free of harmful MMA. To apply All-in-One powders as acrylic, simply dip your acrylic brush into the KS EMA Monomer liquid, and pick up a bead of your favorite shade!




Step #1: To use All-In-One powders with Dip Powder Essentials you’ll need the Kiara Sky Dip Bond, Base, Seal Protect, and Top Coat. Be sure to always store your Dip Powder glazes in an upright position away from direct sunlight.

Step #2: Follow our normal dip powder application instructions! Beginning by prepping the nails, applying Bond, Base, the All-in-One Natural Powder, and following with your two additional coats of Base and your color powder application. Afterward, apply your first coat of Seal Protect and file the nail. Add your second layer of Seal Protect, wipe the excess product off of the nail, and top off your application with your KS Dip Top Coat!

Step #3: Remember that Seal Protect can activate your Dip Top and Base and cause the product inside of your bottles to harden and become unusable. To avoid this, be sure that after you apply the second layer of Seal Protect, massage the product into the nail with a lint-free wipe. This will ensure the Seal Protect penetrates the nail and activates your dip manicure, as well as removes any excess product that may still be on top of the nail. Doing so will keep your Top Coat brush clear from any cross-contamination from your Seal Protect.

Pro Tip: Before returning your Dip Essentials to their bottles, make sure to give them a good wipe with a lint-free cloth to remove any excess product and prevent cross-contamination between your Dip Powder glazes. You may also place your Dip Essential brushes inside of your Brush Saver bottle and give this a few shakes, allowing the brush to sit in the product for about 15 minutes. This will ensure you're properly cleaning your products and getting long-lasting use from your Kiara Sky Dip Essentials.

Ultra trendy Sugar Effect nails are the perfect accent to spice up your All-in-One  dip or acrylic manicure! The Kiara Sky All-in-One line is complete with shimmers and glitters that can be used to create that sugary sweet textured 3D nail art that’s been flooding our Instagram feeds! 

The Kiara Sky All-in-One collection is complete with a wide variety of highly-pigmented shades that’ll help you to create stunning ombre manicures with ease! To create the strikingly chic ombre nail looks of your dreams, we recommend using the bright shades, deep hues, and vibrant neons in the All-in-One collection for the best results!

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