There is a reason that Kiara Sky’s Dip Powder has become a worldwide sensation. Dip Powder is the newest and most innovative nail technique that requires no UV/LED lamp curing whatsoever and still offers the wearer the option of an amazing glossy finish or sassy matte look on both natural nails and artificial tips! 

Dip powder is the newest nail enhancement product on the market, rivaling gel and acrylic manicures in longevity and versatility, offering an application technique that is quick and easy for both salon and at home use! Dip Powder manicures can also last up to four weeks and stay looking amazing without any lifting or chipping as many experience with their acrylic, polish, and gel manicures.

Dip Powder is a more natural alternative to acrylic powder with practically no odor and absolutely no need for monomer. Instead, Dip is applied through a series of easy to use glazes that you use in a similar fashion to traditional nail polish between using your Kiara Sky Dip Powder. Not to mention, dip powder is infused with calcium and vitamins to strengthen your nails and promote a long-lasting and fabulous manicure for even longer! 

Dip Powder, much like gel polish, offers the wearer long-lasting shine, comfortable and quick application, and an incredibly simple removal process. Dip is easily removed with a short soak of the product in acetone and simply wiping away the excess. No professional drills required!

One of the greatest benefits of Kiara Sky Dip Powder is that it allows the wearer to have the flexibility of being able to grow out thin, brittle nails, seal & protect the natural nails, and still be able to wear a gorgeous manicured look! Sounds great, right? 

Ready to get started on your own dip manicure?

You are in luck, bestie!

Kiara Sky offers two incredible Dip System Starter kits to get you started with all the essentials you need to create your own fabulous dip powder manicure designs! Plus,you can purchase any other color of Dip Powder from any of our fun collections depending on what you find the most eye-catching, beautiful, and uniquely you!

Pick from our Dip System French Kit or our Dip System Color Kit for your ideal nail look. Whether you’re a fan of classy french tips or are looking to make a bold, solid statement with your nail color, we have got you covered!

Kiara Sky’s Dip Kits both come with 4 essential glazes, including a nourishing cuticle oil and a brush saver which helps dissolve excess product from your brushes, prevent cross-contamination of your glazes, and keep all of your dip bottles squeaky-clean!

Both kits also come with a lightly tinted Natural Powder that helps build up your nail strength, create a beautiful and strong apex for your dip color application, and add an extra layer of protection to your natural nails when it comes time to file and shape the nail.

If you select the Dip System French Kit, you will receive 3 shades of gorgeous, sheer pink powders and an opaque whitepowder to finish off your lovely french tips! This system also comes with a KS dip case so you can achieve that perfect French tip smile-line every time you use your KS Dip French Kit!

If you instead go for the Kiara Sky Color Dip System, you will receive 3 signature color powders in a creamy nude, stylish red, and a striking gold glitter along with a clear powder that will help encapsulate your nail art and protect the stunning pigment on your new KS Dip Powder mani!

The items included in our starter kits are professionally formulated to prevent chipping, discoloration, and lifting. Our easy to use dip powder gives you a natural feel and doesn’t damage your nail bed so you won’t need to worry about wearing Kiara Sky Dip Powder as often as you like!


hey! I’ve just received the French dip powder starter kit. I didn’t realise it didn’t come with a clear too! can you use the natural for encapsulating?

jase August 01, 2023


I am interested in the Kiara Sky Color Dip System can this be used on extensions and if so which extensions do you recommend.


Debbie January 28, 2022

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